Xeikon Manufacturing

Address: Duwijckstraat 17
Lier 2500
Telephone: +61428175731
Email: trevor.crowley@flintgrp.com
Website: www.xeikon.com
Stand No: R36

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About Xeikon Manufacturing

Xeikon is a long-standing leader and innovator in digital printing technology. Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for label and packaging applications, document printing, and commercial printing. These presses utilise LED-array-based electrophotography, open workflow software and toners.

In 2015, Xeikon joined Flint Group to create a new “Digital Printing Solutions” division. Flint Group develops and manufactures an extensive portfolio of printing consumables. These include a range of conventional and energy-curable inks and coatings, printing plates and equipment and pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications.

Product Category Listings

Colour Management,Label Printing Equipment,Presses,Security Printing,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - combination print,Workflow