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Brands we Sell

Enfocus software, Enfocus PitStop, Enfocus Switch, Enfocus ConnectALL, Enfocus PDF-Review , Callas pdfToolbox, SwitchBOX, SwitchBOX Approval, CloudPrinter, Tilia Lab Phoenix, Tilia Lab Griffin.

Product Profiles

Enfocus PitStop:
PDF preflight, correction and editing made easy. PitStop is the ultimate PDF pocket knife tool to edit and normalise PDF artwork.

Enfocus Switch:
Is the ultimate automation workflow tool, modules base, flexible to build your own automation system. Switch will save time in your process and increase saving.

Callas pdfToolbox:
a PDF pre-flighting and normalising software with custom built automation for PDFs using the latest HTML-5 technology to build Templates and much more...

SwitchBOX is a simple way to integrate Enfocus Switch with third-party applications. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation – SwitchBOX is adaptable to the scale and specific needs of your business. It is true automation, with successful deployments Australian wide.

CloudPrinter: enables end-customers to send their global print jobs to be locally printed and shipped almost anywhere in the world.
For example, a global multinational company has a worldwide campaign and requires printed products to be supplied in a short timeframe across many countries. CloudPrinter enables these multinational companies to connect with local printers in different markets to print their products and ship them fast locally. It is the future of printing.

About Soltect Pty Ltd

Transform digital disruption into business dynamism
Soltect Digital will help guide you through your digital transformation 'joyride' and help your business navigate today’s complex terrain. We specialise in providing strategic consulting, project management, and software solutions.

The stress-free way to delivering a better customer experience
Soltect has built strong, long-term relationships with key global partners to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to help fulfill customer needs. Our wide-ranging experience, working with both large multinationals to small businesses, allows us to deliver a ‘made-to-fit' implementation service for your enterprise. Today’s digitised processes and digital tools deliver not just increased productivity and efficiency, but a superior customer experience for sustained business growth.

The key success of any project is how well it is managed from comception to completion. You could have the best strategy – but a well-planned implementation is critical to delivering a success story.

Soltect will help prepare and structure your business in the journey of creating an efficient, automated printing workflow from Web-to-Print Storefronts and eCommerce to MIS/ERP with a Prepress Automation Workflow.

Soltect’s 5-step strategy for successful project implementation:
MASTER: Identify and master your digital disruptors.
MOULD: Develop a responsive digital plan with scenario-analysis.
MARK: Set your goals in a progressive way to reach your milestones
MANAGE: Create your driving force (skilled teams)
MOMENTUM: Deliver Team Rewards to maintain momentum and progress

Our implementation strategy, will help ensure projects are delivered within scope, within the set timeframe and on budget.

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Automation,Colour Management,Flexo Pre-Press,Software – Design & Colour Management,Software – Production,MIS,Workflow & Business,Web to print,Workflow