Shire labels Pty Ltd

Address: 6 Ethell Road
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Telephone: 0295453711
Fax: 0295453523
Stand No: S08

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About Shire labels Pty Ltd

Shire Labels is a family owned company with situated in Kirrawee NSW, we service all of Australia and New Zealand from this facility. We manufacture small and large quantities of labels using the right printing process for each application. Small run digital for bumper stickers and trail 1st run labels to large run flexographic printed labels for the high speed bottling lines. We also rely on our supply partners for world wide experience of application and specifications to make sure the label we supply is the right one for your product. We service online and resale of labels to offset printers.
Augmented Reality: Shire has launched PAR Packaging Augmented reality
Packaging Augmented Reality, brings your product to life and will take it to the next level. Making your promotions completely interactive and with world wide exposure. .
By simply using a phone you pack will come to life with real time video, competition, how to use, language translation, applications, ingredients’, allergies lists, and lead intro other product lines. With the increase in usage of mobile devices and introduction of the 5G network AR is predicted to grow in the uses where people will look for verification, involvement and entertainment from products. Come and see a Demo of Augmented Reality at our stand

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Security Printing,Self adhesive Label supplier,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - combination print,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - digital only