QLM Label Makers

Address: 1/13 Mudoch Circuit
Acacia Ridge Queensland 4110
Telephone: 1300 792 782
Email: qlm@qlm.com.au
Website: www.qlm.com.au
Stand No: R40

Brands we Sell

QLM, Label Print Systems, Toshiba, VIP Color, EPSON, ADSI, DPR Systems.

Product Profiles

Premium Custom Printed Labels & Packaging:
- product, promotional, barcode & security labels
- industrial, warehouse, logistics, blank labels and more
- beautiful soft-folded cartons, sleeves and inserts
- tickets, tags and wristbands, industrial, baggage and swing tags
- security features, embellishments, foils and cuts
- sequential numbering, personalisation and variable data
- utilising AWARD WINNING HP Indigo print technology

ADSI Centra HS - Industrial Digital Die-Cutting System:
The iTech Centra HS is the cost effective solution for finishing labels in any shape without dies. The best in class option for quality, speed and profitability it is sized to accommodate most label converter's needs - it can convert printed materials from most digital or analog print platform including ink jet, thermal printers or a conventional flexo press.

Great Value TOSHIBA Thermal Printers and Consumables:
- key distributors for the best value and most trusted brand
- ribbons, spare parts and consumables
- experienced service technicians

EPSON Colour Label Printers:
Fast, Full Colour, On-Demand Colour Inkjet Label Printers - Engineered for SMEs. Dramatically reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and quickly produce labels with the high quality and vivid colour you expect from EPSON.

VIP Color Label Printers:
If you manufacture many products, sell private labels or produce small batch jobs, the printers from VIPColor can help you lower your business cost and give you a competitive edge. Engineered for performance, ruggedly built and flexible to meet any printing demand from 1 to thousands of labels in a day.

About QLM Label Makers

At QLM Label Makers we bring LABELS ALIVE with premium quality labels, beautiful packaging and the the best value thermal and colour label printers and consumables, QLM will showcase the FULL DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. Explore the digital pathway of Thermal Printers from TOSHIBA, to Desktop Colour Printers from EPSON and VIP Colour, then on to Industrial Quality Digital Print Systems from ADSI as well as the amazing capabilities of HP Indigo. Enlightening Workshops will allow you to explore your options and ask questions about how digital can work for you.

Product Category Listings

Digital Print & Signage Equipment,Digital Printing Media & Supplies,Finishing Equipment,Inkjet Consumables,Label Printing Equipment,Laminating Machines,Self adhesive Label supplier,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - combination print