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Pull up banner is a fantastic way for you to visually promote your company brand, products, service event. It is also easy to carry as well.

A frame is a great way to capture the attention of pedestrian traffic and drivers. Commonly used at cafes, shopping centre, car park and the street.

Teardrop banner is great for roadside advertising. It is commonly used at car dealerships, show grounds, outdoor sales and marketing events.

Portable counter is great tool for customer who regularly attend exhibitions, trade shows and market their product or services with people face to face.

Fabric tension wall is designed for easy carry and install. You can set up the display wall in few minutes without any tool. Commonly used at conference, event, trade shows.

About Print Focus Pty Ltd

Print Focus is an innovative printing company, providing large-scale, full colour digital printing service. We have large product range for POS retail, Event, Trade Show, Business, Signage, etc. All job can be delivered all around Australia. We aim to build up long term business relationship with our customer. Simply give us a call, your printing solution is here.

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Banners & Flags,Outdoor Signage,Sign Installation,Wide format Printers