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Océ Australia is excited to announce the launch of the Océ Colorado 1650 will be at PRINTEX 2019. This is the first opportunity to see the new roll to roll printer in Australia.

The new Colorado 1650 is designed to offer high productivity without compromising on image quality. Easily handle peak periods with fully automated media loading and multiple media rolls. With a max-speed mode of 159 m2/h for applications such as billboards or outdoor banners, the Océ Colorado 1650 is faster than any other printer in this segment. Even at indoor POP high quality mode, the printer operates at a speed of 40 m2/h which is up to 3 times faster than the traditional technologies in the market. The Océ Colorado 1650 incorporates Océ FLXfinish technology, a new approach to LED curing which allows the operator to choose between a matte or gloss output for each individual print to achieve different finishes without the need to change inks or media. A growing number of end users prefer the look and reduced reflections of a matte print finish, especially for interior wall covering and art applications.

The Océ Arizona 1300 Series will be on show for the first time publicly in Australia following its May 2019 launch.

Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers are already synonymous with both high quality and versatility. The new Océ Arizona 1300 Series builds on this tradition with a printer series that is truly ready when you are thanks to an instant-on curing system eliminating the wait times before printing. Featuring a choice of either 125cm x 250cm or 250cm x 308cm stationary table formats or support for a Roll Media Option, the Océ Arizona 1300 enables you to produce an exceptional range of applications. Available with your choice of 4, 6 or 8 ink channels you can also start with a 4 channel Océ Arizona 1340 or 6 channel Océ Arizona 1360 and later upgrade as your business needs evolve by adding additional ink channels – up to a maximum of 8. And like the higher speed Arizona 2200 series the 1300 series is Touchstone ready.

The Océ ProStream is a web-fed inkjet production print engine developed with the requirements of premium direct mail and high quality commercial print applications in mind. It’s been designed ground up to combine the best technologies in digital and offset printing. The Océ ProStream is a unique combination of professional-quality fully variable content printing and great media flexibility. All with the high-efficiency level found in Océ inkjet printers. Among its standout features are the latest print generation printheads driven by Océ DigiDot technology, Océ proprietary ColorGrip and a new polymer pigment ink set for spectacular colours and ultra-fine details and unique no-touch super-sensitive drying.

The Océ VarioPrint i-series is the perfect fit for heavy production environments, including in-plant, data centre, direct mail, book and commercial printers. Customers in these environments are focused on up time, high quality, short run, on-demand, and fully customised applications. Offset undisputedly offers high quality and lowest costs for long print runs, yet personalisation or customization isn’t possible. The Océ VarioPrint i-series redefines the cost, productivity and throughput equation by consolidating the inkjet advantages of high productivity and low running costs with sheet-fed versatility.

Océ Touchstone enables graphics producers, sign-makers and décor service providers to use an Océ Arizona flatbed printer to print multiple layers easily, resulting in printed effects that mimic textured surfaces, embossing, metallic accents and raised lettering.
Océ Touchstone is part of an end-to-end solution comprising four individual components: a plug-in design tool for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; the ONYX Thrive workflow solution; the Océ Touchstone software using Océ ALPS (Advanced Layer Printing System) technology; and an Océ Arizona wide format flatbed printer. Océ Touchstone makes both the file creation process and the printing exceptionally easy. A 3D preview enables users to pre-emptively identify potential adjustments that need to be made to the design and the level of elevation. Once finalised, the design is transferred to a standard PDF file, making it easy to share for production.

About Océ Australia

Explore the creative possibilities with digital printing solutions, be inspired by high value applications and boost business performance with Océ Australia.
Whether you want to make your production more efficient or find new ways to add value for your customers, Océ Australia will show you how at PRINTEX 2019.

Océ Australia will showcase a range of both wide format and small format applications, to illustrate the emotional power of print and how it can be used to create an inspiring, unique and unexpected experience for consumers from home to street to store.
You will discover a real life success story of how to fuel emotion with print. The Océ Australia stand is inspired by the work of a London-based photographer, Horst A. Friedrichs. He embarked on a journey that started with a promotional campaign for his ‘Speed’ photobook of lifestyle images and was followed by a myriad of promotional and merchandising print applications. The campaign demonstrates the power of digital print by combining the emotional experience of high quality and textured print with the digital value for targeted communication and short run production.

Be inspired by our innovative technology solutions and learn how the ground-breaking Océ Colorado with Océ UVgel technology and latest developments in the Océ Arizona Series are driving growth and creating fresh opportunities for new and existing customers.

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