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Promeg, Promeg Digital, Promeg Girobond, Promeg ecorange

Product Profiles

Promeg ecorange is the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet. Its recycled content ranges from 50% for dueco to 100% for Marmo, Transeco and Jeteco.
• Marmo: off-white / green-ish, marble-like speckle
• Dueco: 2-sided duplex. Brilliant white A side; Marmo B side
• Transeco: earthy, speckled, translucent
• Jeteco: dense black

Promeg Digital’s superior ink adhesion and lay-flat qualities reduce your printing costs and production time. It can be printed both sides, hinged, folded, creased, die-cut and curved.
• White – brilliant opaque white, smooth tactile surface feel, consistency of white from batch to batch.
• Frosted clear – its translucency adds an extra dimension to any printed job, taking advantage of either natural or backlighting + print 2 sides.
• Dueco – 2 sided duplex. Brilliant white A side, greenish recycled marble-like B side. Dueco is 100% carbon neutral and a 100% sustainable option.

You can print almost anything on Promeg Girobond. Its luxurious matte finish results in a far more even print for UV offset presses, with crisp image definition and vivid true-to-life appearance.
And it’s durable – withstanding more abuse than paper and cardboard ever could, while still looking stunning. Gentler on the press and safer in the working environment.

Promeg is an extruded polypropylene sheet, incorporating a high cosmetic finish and high standards of mechanical and environmental integrity.
Designers continue to find new possibilities for this versatile material. Its properties allow for a wide range of uses and tactile surface finishes.

About Megara

We are the maker of Promeg - a graphics grade, printable sheet made right here in Australia.
Use it to make your next job stand out from the crowd, be it retail POS, shop window displays, packaging, signage or stationery. Promeg is a guilt free choice with great environmental credentials. Don’t want to throw it away at the end of its useful life? Simply return it to Megara to be recycled. From UV digital flatbed, right through to screen or UV offset printable, Promeg is the obvious choice for your next project.

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