Kirwan Print Group

Address: 3/10 Short Street
Brookvale NSW 2100
Telephone: 02 9939 1150
Stand No: T22

Brands we Sell

Product Profiles

Digiscratch - An in house solution to short run scratchies that doesn't require latexing

Flag Bunting - Plastic bunting printed on a continuous roll that doesn't require to be sewn.

Digital Wobblers - Tape is machine applied in house, eliminating the need for hand work, custom shapes available.

Stand up labels - Partially adhesed labels designed to 'stand up' from the product they are being applied to.

Reusable Bags - LDPE Bags and Satchels produced locally with fast turnarounds

About Kirwan Print Group

Kirwan Print group will be exhibiting our latest range of products, including new developments in our digital labels and point of sale products, in both roll to roll and sheeted applications.
We have numerous ways of producing unique products designed to make your clients stand out from the rest.
Fast, Quality products are the name of our game, so come and visit us at stand T22

Product Category Listings

Self adhesive Label supplier,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - combination print,Self adhesive Label/tag print converter - digital only