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Address: 17 Military Road
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
Telephone: 1300201510
Stand No: L37

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Epilog Laser, Lotus Laser, Kern Laser Systems, Vision Engravers, BOFA Filtration, Duets by Gemini

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We will be debuting the Epilog Fusion Pro Laser Machine at Printex 2019!

5G acceleration and 165 IPS engraving speeds provide the fastest engraving in the industry. And the IRIS™ Camera Positioning system allows you to precisely place your artwork on screen in seconds.

Fusion Pro 32: 32” x 20” (812 x 508 mm) work area
Fusion Pro 48: 48” x 36” (1219 x 914 mm) work area

CO2: 50, 60, 80, or 120 watts
Fiber: 30 or 50 watts
Dual: Configure your laser with both CO2 and Fiber sources


The OptiFlex is Kern’s flagship high performance laser system. The HyperDual motion package installed on the OptiFlex is setting the standard for large format laser cutting and engraving machines. This improved motion system features a rack and pinion design and powerful servo motors at each side of the laser table. Cut acceleration rates are up to three times faster with a 100% increase in top end vector speed.

Available in various table sizes starting at 1.7m x 1.3m all the way through to 3m x 2m.

Rotary and metal cutting options available.


Need a larger work area and more laser power at a lower price point? Introducing the Lotus Laser Blu DC Laser System. Designed, assembled, wired and tested in the UK, the Blu DC laser systems are ideal for price-conscious markets such as education, home businesses, first machine buyers and hobbyists to name just a few.

Available sizes:
Blu60 DC 30w – 600 x 400mm
Blu70 DC 60w – 700 x 500mm
Blu100 DC 80w – 1000 x 600mm
Blu125 DC 100w – 1250 x 900mm


The 20w fiber laser marking machine with programmable z-axis, the Micro Meta is one of the most feature rich systems on the market. Extremely affordable it allows you to start marking metal items and engineered plastics cost-effectively. A reliable machine that is virtually maintenance free and built to last.

- Galvo marking/engraving laser workstation
- Automatic pneumatic door
- Robust 20w fiber laser source
- Positioning diode with Lightmark function
- 180 degree access when working in maintenance mode
- Laser safe viewing panel


Duets by Gemini offers the industry’s fastest-growing selection of premium engraving and ADA substrates for the signage, award and recognition and engraving industries.

Gemini is committed to manufacturing product to exact tolerances. Gemini guarantees substrate performance, color, finish and thicknesses are consistent and product is free of defect.
- Dust-free materials
- Tightly-controlled color and finish uniformity
- Consistently the flattest material

About Alfex Laser

Alfex Laser has Australia's largest range of lasers for cutting, marking and engraving. We will be demonstrating a variety of laser systems and highlighting several exciting laser applications popular within the signage community.

Lasers are an integral part of signage and print companies due to their ability to create custom signage in a short time. From cutting acrylic lettering for a sign, to engraving a logo on wood, to cutting plastic for a nameplate, to engraving on stone for memorials – we have the right laser solution to increase your business productivity and profitability.

The versatility of our lasers product capabilities mean that signage companies can cut, engrave and mark a variety of materials on one piece of machinery. From small desk-top lasers and CNC routers to large-format laser cutting and engraving, we have a laser solution for your application.

We offer the latest laser solutions from world-leading brands such as Epilog Laser, Lotus Laser, Kern Laser Systems and Vision Engravers, as well as high-performance engraving, ADA and architectural substrates from Duets by Gemini.

At Alfex Laser we are known for our local premium service and support. Our national team of service technicians are available on call and on-site to support your signage business.

Attendees are invited to stop by the Alfex Laser stand at L37 for a personal demonstration as well as laser engraved and cut samples.

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