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Mikron 2

The Mikron 2 is a versatile multi-role cutter with two tool holders plus pen holder.

Tools include: Rotary blade cutter, creaser, drill punch or perforating tool as well as rotary perforating tools, marker pens and sign cutting blade holders to handle most sign and packaging cutting from samples to short run and customised archive box production.

Fitted with a tangential blade and creasing tool, the Mikron 2 is a quick and powerful cutter for archive boxes, point of sale, package design and sample-making and fast enough to be used for short runs.

Elektron B2

The Aeronaut Elektron B2 is a brilliantly versatile heavy-duty cutter with 2 bayonet tool holders, allowing powered tools such as reciprocating blade cutters to be carried for applications where thick and difficult materials have to be cut such as corrugated cardboard, box making, composites, rubber, cork and filter materials etc.


Aeronaut's Cyclops Machine Vision is a low-cost, simple and effective tool which, allows the user to view exactly what is on the cutting table at the cutting head. It’s main function is to automatically pick up registration marks on printed fabrics for precision nesting before cutting.

Cyclops is one of those tools that once you see it working, you won't know how you ever did without it.

SiliconEye Vision System

Aeronaut's state-of-the-art SiliconEye machine vision system is the answer to interactive nesting, nesting into irregular shapes, pattern matching, pattern recognition, image tracing and alignment with registration marks.

SiliconEye consists of a digital SLR mounted over the cutting table or a digitising station. SiliconEye can radically improve production workflow on patterned fabrics, digitally printed fabrics, packaging and display materials and pre-printed board, leather hides, paper and card patterns or anywhere you want to accurately and quickly align a pattern onto a piece of material on the cutting table. Whether it's off a roll or a piece of scrap fabric… SiliconEye lets you see where to cut it. In fact, SiliconEye makes it so quick and easy to nest into irregular shaped pieces of material that the reduction of waste can pay for the SiliconEye system in no time at all.

About Aeronaut Automation

Aeronaut Automation is an Australian manufacturer of automated cutters with quick change tooling. Aeronaut systems are used for applications such as graphics, packaging, composites materials, recreational and industrial textiles, rubber corrugated cardboard and much more. With 20 years in the business we have a proven track record and distribution around the world. Our systems include rotary, drag and oscillating blade cutters, CO2 lasers and ultrasonic cutters, They are built to be robust, accurate and low maintenance. We look forward to meeting you PrintEx 19.

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